The Treasure Chest Mysteries
Book Two:
The Jade Serpent

Outsmarting looters, crawling into dark, dripping caves, and escaping spear-throwing villagers is only half the battle when ‘afraid-of-heights’ Koen is forced to jump off a giant temple, climb to the top of the tallest tree in the rainforest, and swing for his life – like Tarzan – through the jungle.

Putting his trust in:
a medicine man,
a monkey and
a mouse… No Problem.

Koen and Titanus are off on another adventure. But it’s a race against time. Can they find the stolen treasure before the thieves get their dirty hands on it and it’s lost forever?

Book Two – The Jade Serpent available now in print and kindle at AMAZON.


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The Treasure Chest Mysteries:

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Seven-year-old Koen has just received an old chest for his birthday. He doesn’t think much of it until one night it starts making noises and flashing lights. The adventures begin when a magical mouse draws Koen deep into the chest and its treasure-filled history.

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