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Writing for me is a warm embrace of colors, smells, emotions – like a movie playing in my mind.  I have lived and worked all over the world.  Because of my global experiences, I feel I have a personal connection to a variety of locations, climates, elevations, and cultures.  I try to infuse my writing with these perspectives.

I think my need to write stories really started when, years ago, I co-owned an ecotourism company in the northern region of Guatemala.  I spent most of my time deep in the jungle working with villagers and engaging with all sorts of animals.

Since then, I’ve worked in sustainable development on three continents, and taught humanities to students from third grade through adults in five different countries. I find the world fascinating in all its crazy forms. I love animals and nature, sunshine and gardening.  Being outside is the best location.

Although I have dabbled in writing for years, it took my great nephew’s birth to force the issue and get me to publish.  “Titanus McDuff and the Birthday Surprise”, was my first book in the “The Treasure Chest Mysteries.”  I’ve now finished book two: “The Jade Serpent.”  Both are available now on Amazon in print and Kindle.

Other projects I am currently working on:
~ YA novel that spans two continents, four centuries and pivots around a stolen antiquity
~ Picture book about four animals that meet in the jungle
      “My dearest friends, I have quite a tale
                        A story so strange it may turn your skin pale…”
~ Nonfiction book about my experiences in Myanmar

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Doing dishes with Ch’aim, the baby Howler Monkey, on my head – Petén, Guatemala – a number of years ago 🙂

Gretchen M Fogelstrom