An early Iris in my garden.

With the best intentions I began the year, full of energy and ready to write.  But life got in the way.  Or is it really that I let life be my procrastination? I allowed it to keep me from my keyboard.  I call it a self-imposed form of writer’s block.  I had the concept for my next book, but didn’t know where to take it.  I tried outling – in spurts.  I researched areas and concepts of Vietnam (where The Black Toroise takes place).  But ultimately I needed to just sit down and write.  That has always been my go to – rear in the chair and force the story out of me.

This week I have been on Spring Break from my full-time teaching job.  While most of it was spent catching up on doctors appointments and gardening, I did sit down, put hands on the keyboard and clicked out a couple of chapters – Yay!  I must say, it was really helpful to have all the information from the research I had done – so I think I will incorporate that into my next books, as an actual step instead of feeling guilty about procrastinating.

Now to keep the momentum going.  As I am a teacher, I have to work a couple other jobs just to make enough money to enjoy life.  I tutor after school and I just applied to work in a garden nursery on the weekends.  So, while I will be even more busy as the sun shines, I will have to be more diligent about writing in the morning before the rest of life takes over.  My goal is to write two days a week.  Start small and build!

Here’s to another attempt at extracting the story from within.

Have a happy April!

~ Gretchen

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