Congratulations to Pam Curcio!

Pam won “The Treasure Chest Mysteries,” book two: The Jade Serpent in my Amazon giveaway.

Thank you to all who entered to win.


I hope you are enjoying the holidays, surrounded by friends, family and lots of laughter.

After an enjoyable, five days with family, I am happily back to writing; working on the outline of Book Three: The Black Tortoise.  Having a couple weeks (total) off from teaching has given me the opportunity to go for great hikes and ponder the possibilities for Koen and Titanus as they venture off to the exotic country of Vietnam.

The new year is just around the corner.  I’m thinking that my new year’s resolution will be to write more consistently.  Meaning, multiple times per week.  I know I won’t stick to daily writing as my teaching schedule gets busy, so I won’t even kid myself.  But 2-4 days a week just might be possible.

What about your new year’s resolution?  Have you ever lasted an entire year following your January resolution?  Curious to know.

Have a great one!  Here’s to 2018, a great writing year to be sure!

~ Gretchen


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