All About Family

Here in the US we just celebrated the lovely holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a great time to be with family and friends, be active (weather permitting), relax, laugh, play games and eat well. This year I had a portion of my family join me in my little home in Sacramento, California. It was fun to decorate, cook and get into the coziness of the coming winter. The weather was perfect for outdoor activities, getting to around 65ºF during the day with sun all around.

Before the Run to Feed the Hungry 5k (we walked it! So fun.)
My little, holiday decorated dinner table.

The next day we headed over to a cute town in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains called Sutter Creek.  Adorable.  Great local stores filled with fun items, wine tastings and happy people.  We sat outside along the creek and had a great lunch in the sun.  A very fun two days.

The remainder of this long weekend I have been teaching myself how to promote my book; “The Jade Serpent.”  Quite a learning curve, but I am starting to get a bit of an idea.  You may see an ad out there on Facebook and Amazon now.

Now to cozy up in front of the fire – the rains have returned and it is a deluge outside – so I think I’ll do a bit of reading.  My sister turned me on to these two books:

Now to decide which to read first.  Have a lovely Sunday!


Fabulous Fall

Hi There.

Does the late Fall bring a calm to your world like it does mine? It happens each November. I’m finally settled into a good rhythm teaching, volleyball has just finished (my girls did amazing this year!) and I once again have time to dive into writing.

It’s been fun to watch “The Jade Serpent” being discovered on Amazon. Now to work on promotions. It’s an amazing learning curve.

Besides outlining my new nonfiction book about Myanmar, I’m designing an online creative writing class. Booth of which I’m really excited about…so much so that I need to schedule my time on each project so that I don’t just sit here wasting time trying to decide which one to work on 😝

So as the rain waters my very happy plants, I’m spending the weekend snuggled with my two cats and clicking away at the keys.

Here’s to a great weekend.

~ Gretchen